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130ML USB Air Humidifier Mechanical

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Product name: vase mini humidifier
Water tank capacity: 300ML
Rated voltage: 5 (V)
Rated power: 5 (W)

Color: dark wood grain, light wood grain
Applicable object: Household
Function: humidification, aromatherapy
Number of fog outlets: 1
Operation mode: mechanical
Timing function: 2-8 hours
Water shortage and power failure: support
Power supply mode: USB
Shape: Vase
Noise: 36dB or less

1. Ultrasonic humidification: It can produce more fine water than the large humidifier to meet your needs! It can be used to humidify the air in the room during summer and winter, refreshing the quality of the air we breathe.
2. USB power supply: Plug and play, suitable for a variety of occasions.
3. Quiet: Adopted special ultrasonic technology, this diffuser is extremely quiet when working.
4. colorful breathing night light: LED is used as the light source, and the environmentally-friendly power-saving light is gentle and not glaring. it creates a calming and romantic atmosphere.
5. Smart and sensitive switch: One-touch operation makes operation easier.
Make your skin more nourished and your body healthier!

Do not add too many essential oils (1-2 drops). And only add water-soluble essential oils. Otherwise, the humidifier will be corroded. Clean the humidifier and atomizer in time after using essential oils.

Important things you need to know:
1. Before using the humidifier, please make sure that the cotton swab is completely immersed in water to ensure that the wet cotton swab is in contact with the atomizing sheet and can emit a good mist. Please ensure correct operation, thank you! (If the operation is not correct, it will lead to the phenomenon that only the light will not fog)
2. The humidifier uses pure water, do not use tap water
3. Clean the atomizer regularly, because the atomizer is the key to the fog
Dear buyers, since this humidifier is made of plastic, a high concentration of essential oils will corrode the humidifier, so this humidifier can only use low-concentration essential oils that are soluble in water. (If you use high-concentration essential oils to cause the humidifier to be corroded and damaged, you will be responsible for the consequences)

Package Includes:
1*Humidifier(without essential oil)
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual
2*Cotton swabs ( 1 installed + 1 spare)

Worth having:
1. Humidification, purify the dirty air in the confined space
2. Silent and make mist for the whole night, provide reassuring moisture and a relaxed environment
3. Convenient and easy to use, space-saving and portable, can be used for home, office, or car
4. You can enjoy it whenever such as doing housework, working, reading, doing yoga, traveling, etc.
5. A meaningful gift to family, friends, colleagues, or business partners.

How to use:
1, Press first time: the mist comes out, and turn on the LED lights.
2, Press a second time: the mist comes out and the LED light is off.
3, Press the third time: power off.

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